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Basic Obedience



  • 4 private, one-hour classes
  • Trained on 5 Basic Commands (come, sit, place, down, heel)
  • Great option for an involved owner
  • Loose Leash Heeling

Save $125

2-Wk Board & Train



  • Dog is Boarded for 14 Days w/ Certified Trainer
  • Total of 6 Commands (come, sit, place, heel, down, and down from a distance)
  • Dog will perform commands outside, off-leash and with multiple distractions!
  • Daily photo and video updates
  • THOUSANDS of Before/After Videos
  • Unlimited refresher training sessions for life
  • 100% Guarantee

Save $560

Basic & Advanced



  • 8 one-hour classes
  • Trained on 5 Basic Commands (come, sit, place, down, heel)
  • 4 Advanced Obedience Commands or Advanced Proofing and Higher Levels of Distraction training
  • Great option for an involved owner
  • Dog will perform all 5 commands outside, off-leash, & w/ distractions​

Save $190

**Cannot Be Combined With Other Discounts/Specials**

Because our booking calendars can fill up quickly, we have to limit the number of spots we can sell at these prices. If you’d like to enjoy these savings, PLEASE purchase early so you are able to get into our schedule!

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Happy Clients!

Read What Just A Few Of Our THOUSANDS Of Happy Customers Have To Say

Chris G. | Verified Google Review

“They are fantastic!   Took our rescue Morris, and although he is a lovable oaf and generally listens, sometimes he decides he won’t.  And when people come over, he can get VERY excited, and sometimes appears aggressive.   Kelsy Horn was our primary trainer and was so good.  Very patient with us, explaining the rationale for everything we are doing.   Morris has been so much better since!!!!  We are still working at perfecting the heel command, but it is like everything else, if you keep on top of the training, it will pay off.  It is not cheap, but I feel it was worth every penny!  No regrets at all!!!!   HIGHLY recommend!!!!!”

Lyss B. | Verified Google Review

“I brought my service dog in training to Off Leash and I absolutely do not regret it! Our trainer was Cassie and she made the whole program so specific to my dog’s needs as well as my own! My dog took to her almost immediately and his behavior both at home and in public have improved dramatically! They were always available to answer questions or concerns that I had in between lessons as well. We love her and this facility as they have made a significant impact on my dog’s training to be a service dog.”

David D. | Verified Google Review

“We had an amazing experience with Lehigh Valley Dog Trainers and Trainer Cassie. Our 8 month old Goldendoodle, Sophie, just completed the 2-week board and train and the results are amazing. We have a brand new puppy! Sophie is super smart and such a lover of a dog, but she would jump all over people when she met them, jumping vertically in the air, very mouthy and bitey; she would not listen very well when told to sit, stay or come and she was digging holes in the back yard. After the training, she no longer does any of that, her greeting manners are awesome, she stays in when told to sit and come, and is amazing at heel. The training is amazing and so is Cassie. We had a great experience and we would highly recommend the 2-week board and train to anyone who has no control over their dog’s behavior. Just simply amazing!”

David F. | Verified Google Review

Had such an awesome time and great results with trainer Cassie. From the start she showed a ton of interest in our case and what we needed. Stark has done so well!! We would definitely recommend Off Leash K9 Training to everyone. All the trainers I met, including the owner for this location, were super nice. We did the Basic Obedience package with our German Shepherd Stark and he has been amazing with it. Cassie took the time to really explain everything through the lessons and make sure I understood. This basic obedience package is a must for anyone getting a new puppy. Can’t wait to work with Cassie on more lessons and future training. We spoke about scent tracking and we will be scheduling that soon!

DM M. | Verified Google Review

“My girl is a rescue and once she got acclimated she thought she was boss.  She became a bit overbearing for some of our visitors and given the fact that she is a GSD people tended to avoid her.  That’s not the life we wanted for her or our guests!  Off Leash K9 was terrific.  They met all of our needs.  Our girl knows commands and is able to walk without her leash.  We also allow her out back to wee and she comes back to the door.  Kelsey also suggested we take her out shopping.  We’ve hit a few of the dog friendly stores and she did fabulous.  She was polite to other customers and listened to commands (even with all of the obvious distractions).  This was an awesome training program.  We couldn’t be more pleased!”

Elena S. | Verified Google Review

“We absolutely love this place! I don’t know why you would take your dog anywhere else. Our trainer Cassie Wagner is so nice, caring, funny, and extremely knowledgeable. Our puppy Finnigan is literally a whole different dog now! It is however important to realize that you have to put in some quality training time yourself and you can’t expect instant results from a lesson if you don’t do your work at home. I have literally been recommending this place to any dog owner I know!!! Finnigan loves coming to his lessons and has fun every time he’s there! It’s such a pleasure to have Cassie as our trainer – she is THE BEST! This place is awesome and as a dog owner looking for obedience classes you would be making a mistake not to come here.”

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