Meet our Trainers

Kendall Washburn

Kendall Washburn is the Head Trainer of Off Leash K9 Training, Lehigh Valley. She offers professional, personal training for you and your dog. Her goal is to build your relationship with your dog so you have a happy, confident, healthy, and obedient dog. Kendall believes every dog is unique and should be treated accordingly with patience, respect and most importantly, love.Kendall’s passion for dogs began in childhood, so it was a natural step for her to become a professional dog trainer. Kendall found her true calling within the Off Leash K9 training family. She recently completed her training in June 2017 and has already found rapid success. Kendall is interested in continuing to learn more and become a more successful dog trainer for you and your dog.

Kendall’s passion for dogs began in childhood, so it was a natural step for her to become a professional dog trainer. Kendall found her true calling within the Off Leash K9 training family. Since starting with the Lehigh Valley location Kendall has found rapid success. Kendall loves learning and takes her professional development seriously, by continually seeking out information so that she can evolve and hone her craft.

In her free time, Kendall enjoys spending time with her dog, family, and friends. Kendall enjoys the outdoors and can usually be found hiking with her beloved pup, Chase. She also enjoys every minute with her precious god-kids. Kendall is an outgoing and helpful young lady who enjoys being around people and their dogs as much as possible.

Kendall gets the most gratification out of seeing you and your dog succeed. Kendall treats all the dogs in training as if they were her own. She really enjoys the process of training dogs and teaching their owners how to communicate with them efficiently. She also loves seeing the confidence and bonding that occurs between our clients and their pets. She believes that to have a truly happy and confident dog you have to have a trained dog.

Tony Rosati

Tony Rosati is a trainer of Off Leash K9 Training LLC of the Lehigh Valley. He is a student at Northampton Community College with 12 credits left in his Criminal Justice degree. Tony is also an Army veteran who served his country right out of high school. The military has given Tony a diverse background and a pool of skills that help him succeed in his life’s goals.

Tony has always had a great bond with dogs. He believes dogs truly are man’s best friend and are born to be our loved companions. Tony strives to show the potential of every client’s dog and guarantees 100% obedience. He strongly relies on thorough and decisive training while always encouraging the individualism of each dog’s personalities.

Training is mentally and physically demanding on our client’s dogs. Tony knows that our furry buddies need breaks and invests his free time hanging out playing with the pups. Interacting his client’s dogs in stimulating play leads to a healthier relationship and builds trust. He believes every dog owner should have a confident and well-trained companion. Tony personally seeks to ensure that every dog he trains is given back to their owner with a newfound confidence in themselves which leads to a better human/dog relationship.

Tony is also a dog owner. He has a 2-year-old pitbull named Jax, and 6-year-old Jack Russel named Chloe. Jax is a smaller pit bull with a large goofy head. He is able to smile and leaves everyone he meets laughing and smiling in return. Chloe is a shy dog but doesn’t let her timidness get in the way of conquering her goals. She is a highly intelligent dog who learned most of her training through Tony’s late pit bull, Stevie. Stevie was a rescue dog who received dog therapy training. She was always caring while greeting everyone with insatiable love.

Denise Vansickle

Denise VanSickle is a trainer of Off Leash K9 Training LLC in the Lehigh Valley area. She is a retired military veteran and graduated from Penn State in 2015 with a B.S. in Psychology. Denise has worked with dogs and animal shelters since a very young age. Although she has worked with dogs for years, it wasn’t until working on her Bachelors did the realized a true connection between mental health and canines.

Denise has studied and has training experience in Basic and Advance Obedience, Behavior Modification, Agility, Trick, and Service task training. She currently volunteers and works with Veterans to help their dogs become Emotional Support Animals. Denise has seen first hand the calming, therapeutic, and stress relieving effects a dog can have on a human. The bond between people and their dogs can only be made stronger when the two work together training and building confidence in their dogs.

Denise lives north of the Lehigh Valley with her husband and four children. Her pack includes a German Shepherd named Loki, a Jack Russel mix named Cappuccino, and a foster Catahoula mix named Allie.

Cassandra Wagner

Cassie Wagner is the head trainer of Off Leash K9 Training, Scranton and is also a trainer for the Lehigh Valley location. She offers professional training that will strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Cassie feels that the most important aspects of dog training are trust, love, communication, and mental and physical exercise. After being a client of Off Leash K9 Training herself and seeing the life-changing results between her and her own dog she wants to help others achieve those same results as well. Her greatest joy is seeing the transformation between owner and dog from the first lesson to the last.

Cassie studied Wildlife Management & Conservation at Delaware Valley University and has a background working with a variety of animals including White-Tailed Deer, songbirds, owls, and hawks. She has worked at an array of places giving her a strong background in domesticated animals; including a vet’s office, a dog daycare & boarding facility, and a whole foods pet store. Although she is beyond passionate about wildlife, dogs have always held a special place in her heart and she found herself yearning for a lifelong career involving dogs. She is thrilled to be a part of the Off Leash K9 family and believes that this type of work is her true calling.

Cassie’s favorite pastime is hiking with her dogs. She currently has a German Shepherd named Nala and a Native American Indian Dog named Talcon. One of her life goals is to visit and hike at every state park in Pennsylvania. The great outdoors is her favorite place to be and also where she believes her and her dogs are happiest. She also enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, and listening to music.

Cassie wants to help you and your dog to succeed to the best of your ability and create a mutual relationship built on trust and respect. When dog and owner come together and understand one another it is a very beautiful thing.