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Off Leash K9 Training in Easton is recognized around Lehigh and Northampton Counties as the top dog training company. The level of obedience we see from the dogs that we train is nothing short of amazing! Check out our YouTube channel to see tons of Before & After Videos from actual dogs that have completed our 2 Week Board & Train program! The results speak for themselves. 

We are able to train dogs who come to us with all sorts of obedience issues like jumping, nipping, lunging, not listening, etc. Almost every client tells us how amazed they are after just ONE HOUR spent training their dogs.

We know how scary it can be to think about walking your dog each day OFF-LEASH! The thought of them running out into the road…or changing after another animal – or worse, another person can be terrifying for dog owners. We spend time with that same dog building their confidence and teaching them proper obedient behavior. However, just as important is the education we provide you, the dog owner! That education is critical to your dog’s success.

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Dogs Love Easton Dog Training!

(Their Owners Do, Too)

"What a great experience. Nobody in my family thought that Sydney would learn as fast as she did. Can't wait to start the advance classes."
dog trainers easton pa
Jim Mattison
Verified Google Review
"Had an amazing experience working with these guys. I was skeptical about collar training but Tank is now a obedient and is easy to manage when you are juggling kids and the dogs in a walk. Defiantly recommend you won’t be disappointed."
dogs easton pa
Ryan Herrmann
Verified Google Review
"The staff did an amazing job with my dog. I feel much more confident with the skills I learned in the basic course. I'm looking forward to working on more advanced training"
dog training easton pa
Gabrielle Bryen
Verified Google Local Guide
"I have a 9 month old male GSD. I'm so glad that I decided to bring him here for training... Our trainer, Angela, is the best!! She is very knowledgeable, personable and will help in any way to make your training sessions be positive. I would highly recommend Off Leash K9 training to anyone!!"
easton pa dog trainers
Carol Woody
Verified Google Review

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Our Easton Dog Training program has helped TONS of dogs (and dog owners) in Eastern PA just like you and yours. We know that happy dogs mean happy families. Your dog is already awesome! We take that fun personality and pair it with amazing obedience!

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Your dog will be trained to have the same level of obedience as most police/military working dogs!


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